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Mi-8AMT helicopter VIP
13 400 000
mi-8 amt VIP 2016

Our organization offers for sale and is ready to put the Mi-8AMT helicopter in 2016 in the version of «VIP», ready for operation. The helicopter is ready to conduct an inspection after signing the Contract of Sale and the fulfillment of its terms.
This aircraft, according to the bulletins No. АМТ 3283УУ-Г, № АМТ 3283БЭ-Г can be converted into a modification of Mi-171.

The cost with this bundle: from 13,400,000 US dollars (for delivery in Russia, the specified price in rubles equivalent without VAT) Terms of delivery: FCA airfield of the seller, Russia Helicopter delivery time: ready for acceptance. Status: operating time – 76 hours . Condition assessment: «Excellent» Main color: See photo.
Variant of salon: VIP.

Terms of payment:
1. A deposit in the amount of 2% of the contract amount is paid by the Customer upon signing the purchase and sale contract of the helicopter and is intended for fixing the helicopter to the Customer prior to the technical inspection. This amount is included in the contract price, and will be returned to the buyer in case of disapproval of the technical inspection certificate.
2. Basic payment 98% are paid by the Customer upon approval of the technical condition certificate of the helicopter.

In order to ensure an uninterrupted operation the following goods are supplied along with the helicopter:
• spare parts;
• tool kit;
• ground support equipment and devices;
• helicopter protection means for parking (covers, caps);
• set of operational and technical documentation.

Upon separate agreements it is possible to render the following additional services:
• Installation of additional optional equipment to enhance helicopter performance capabilities;
• Helicopter life cycle support;
• Flight, and engineering and technical staff training in certified Aviation Training Center of JSC U-UAP on the Mi-8/171 Helicopter Training Simulator for professional development and practicing of the actions in emergency situations;
• Delivery of spare parts, ground support equipment, and verification and checkout equipment;
• Delivery of helicopter by air transport worldwide.

Технические характеристики

Mi-8AMT helicopter is an advanced version of world famous Mi-8 helicopter. More than 10,000 of Mi-8/Mi-17/Mi-171 helicopters were produced, around 4,000 among them were exported. At present Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters are operated in more than 80 countries worldwide. Total flying hours for these helicopters exceed 35 million.

Design, useable materials, documentation, manufacturing procedure and performances of the helicopter ensure its safe operation.

The helicopter is being used in all climate conditions: aland, asea, in any microclimatic area including marine, tropical and cold types of climate, under the influence of maritime fog and sea water.

The helicopter can be operated within outside temperature from minus 50°С to plus 50°С and at relative humidity up to 100%.

Mi-8AMT VVIP helicopter is designed to carry up to 12 passengers in enhanced comfort conditions accompanied by a flight attendant.

МI-8АМТ        VVIP        helicopter        (Rosewood                                  interior          finish)           serial

No.8АМТ00643177590U will be manufactured in the second quarter of 2017. Key advantages:

  • Mi-8AMT VVIP helicopter, serial No. №8АМТ00643177590U, is ready for delivery (helicopter operating time is only 76 hours);
  • At Buyer’s option the helicopter can be repainted in accord with any color scheme

(under a separate agreement); The main fuel tanks of increased capacity; The layout for 12 passengers + flight attendant.


Mi-8AMT helicopter interior is designed to accommodate up to 12 passengers in comfort and safe conditions.

The passenger cabin has the following zones: front vestibule, principal passenger compartment, escort compartment and rear vestibule.

There are four passenger chairs in the principal passenger compartment. The chairs can be moved back-and-forth as well as both sideways and be rotated through 3600. The chairs are fitted with modern three-point safety belts and energy-absorbing mechanism. The principal passenger chair is located starboard side. Individual display and entertainment system control panels are placed by each chair. Each side of escort compartment is equipped with twin seats opposite to each other. There is a table between the seats. Individual displays are installed on the wall panels.

The interior is equipped with individual cool air outlets, air heating system, general LED lights and individual lights for every passenger seat as well as decorative lighting. There are electrical sun-protective blinds on windows. The blinds are controlled by touch screen located near each passenger seat or principal passenger chair.

There is a galley in front vestibule starboard side. The galley has modern furnishing equipment ensuring excellence in servicing. Coffee maker for espresso and tea, chiller, microwave oven, water system and sink, waste bin, storage area, glassware made by famous and exclusive French manufacturer.

Flight attendant is accommodated in the front vestibule. Partition with a curtain separates front vestibule from the principal passenger area.

There is a wardrobe with weapons safe for personal effects and overclothes in rear vestibule starboard side. There is a lavatory with water supply system, mirror,  sink, portable toilet and personal care items in rear vestibule portside.

Integrated up-to-date entertainment system gives a new level of comfort. Individual touch-screen panels allow the passengers and flight attendant to control lights, blinds, displays, style of music and video played, volume, flight attendant call etc.

The earphones located by each passenger seat are sound-absorbing.

Principal passenger can choose a partner in conversation, hold a conference and contact the pilots using build-in communication system controlled by touch screen.

Moving map with improved image quality tracks flight route and position, shows estimated arrival time and other flight information.

By virtue of FullHD surveillance camera the passengers can precisely see what pilots see in flight.

Different devices, lighting, music, blinds, audio and video can be controlled via WiFi by iPhone or iPad software downloaded from iTunes. This underlines the personality.

Noise level is low due to modern sound-absorbing material used in interior. All finishing materials, vendor items and equipment are made by world leaders in the manufacture and have all the certificates required for approved aircraft application.


Figure 1. VVIP cabin layout


mi-8 amt




                                  3.1. PERFORMANCE


1. Takeoff weight:
maximum 13,000 kg
normal 11,100 kg
2. Passenger cabin dimensions:
length 6.42 m
width 2.34 m
height 1.8 m
usable area 2

27 m3

usable volume
3. Ceiling out of ground effect (with anti-icing system disconnected)
with normal takeoff weight 3,980 m
4. Service ceiling:
with normal takeoff weight 6,000 m
with maximum takeoff weight 4,800 m
5 Service range with 30 minutes guarantee fuel reserve and MTOW:
with main fuel tanks ≈ 800 km
6. Maximum flight speed:
with takeoff weight less than 11,100 kg 250 km/h
with takeoff weight more than 11,100 kg 230 km/h
7. Cruise flight speed:
with takeoff weight less than 11,100 kg 230 km/h
with takeoff weight more than 11,100 kg 215 km/h
8. Engines power:
emergency 2 х 2,200 h.p.
takeoff 2 х 2,000 h.p.
nominal 2 х 1,700 h.p.

cruise                                                                 2 х 1,500 h.p.


                           3.2. SERVICE LIVES AND SERVICE TIMES

Helicopter assigned life and service time is 18,000 hours or 25 years.













1. Power plant, rotor system and transmission
1.1 ТВ3-117ВМ сер.02 Engine pc. 2
1.2 8АМТ-6820-00-01/02 Dust Protection Device set 1
1.3 ВР-14 Main Gearbox pc. 1
1.4 8А-1515-000 Intermediate Gearbox pc. 1
1.5 246-1517-000 Tail Gearbox pc. 1
1.6 8А-1516-000 Tail Shaft pc. 1
1.7 8А-6311-000  сер.4 Fan pc. 1
1.8 8А-6314-00 Fan drive cardan shaft pc. 1
1.9 8-1930-000 сер. 02 Main rotor hub pc. 1
1.10 8-1950-000 Swash plate pc. 1
1.11 8АТ-2710-00 Main rotor blades (5 pc.) set 1
1.12 246-3904-000 сер.01 Tail rotor pc. 1
1.13 8АМТ-1250-00СБ Vibration damper pc. 1
2. Fuel and oil systems
2.1 ЭЦН91С Electric centrifugal pump pc. 2
2.2 463Б Electric centrifugal pump pc. 1
2.3 766300А-1-Т Float valve pc. 1
2.4 768600МА Fuel shut-off valve pc. 5
2.5 610200А Solenoid valve pc. 2
2.6 637000 Bypass valve pc. 1
2.7 633630 Shutoff valve pc. 1
2.8 601100-1 Drainage valve pc. 2
2.9 636700А Drainage valve pc. 4
2.10 5349Т Air-oil cooler unit pc. 2
3. Control and hydraulic system
3.1 КАУ-115АМ Hydraulic booster pc. 4
3.2 8Д2.966.017-2 Hydraulic filter pc. 2
3.3 ФГ11БН Hydraulic fine filter pc. 2
3.4 ЭМТ-2М Solenoid brake pc. 3
3.5 ГА-77В Pump automatic relief valve pc. 2
3.6 ГА-74М/5 Solenoid operated two-position valve pc. 2
3.7 ГА192Т Solenoid valve pc. 6
3.8 ГА172-00-2/Т Lock-out valve pc. 1
3.9 НШ39М Gear pump pc. 2
3.10 ОК-10А Check valve pc. 4
3.11 ГА-59/1 Emergency supply switching valve pc. 1
3.12 МП-100М сер.2 Electric actuator pc. 2
3.13 ПР 15.875-2300-1-67 Chain, 67 links pc. 1
3.14 РУ-2 Cyclic stick pc. 2
3.15 СПУУ-52 Tail rotor pitch limit system pc. 1
4. Fuselage, landing gears and pneumatic system
4.1 595Х185 модель 14 Tire of nose LG pc. 2
4.2 865Х280 модель 1А Tire of main LG pc. 2
4.3 8А-4101-00Б-1 Main LG shock strut pc. 1
4.4 8А-4101-00Б-2 Main LG shock strut pc. 1
4.5 8А-4201-00А Nose LG shock strut pc. 1
4.6 АК-50Т1 сер.3 Compressor pc. 1
4.7 В8БП.000 Windshield (right) pc. 1
4.8 В8БП.000-01 Windshield (left) pc. 1
4.9 К2116 Non-brake wheel 595*185 pc. 2
4.10 КТ97-310 Wheel 865*280 pc. 2
4.11 KT97-220-1 Brake of wheel pc. 1
4.12 КТ97-220-2 Brake of wheel pc. 1



4.13 УП25/2 Pressure reducing valve pc. 1
4.14 УПОЗ/2М Pneumatic control unit pc. 1
4.15 В24-4301-100-7 Tail bumper shock strut pc. 1
5. Fire extinguishing, anti-icing systems and heating and ventilation system
5.1 1-4-4 Fire extinguisher set 2
5.2 1919Т Control shutter pc. 2
5.3 ДВ-302Т Electric fan pc. 3
5.4 ЭВ-0,7-1640 Electric fan pc. 5
5.5 ОР1-2,0-20-30 Fire extinguisher pc. 2
5.6 ССП-ФК сер.2 Fire detection and warning system pc. 3
5.7 ТЭР-1М Auto temperature control pc. 6
5.8 АТ-8-3 Autotransformer pc. 2
5.9 ЭПК-2Т-60 Windshield wiper pc. 2
5.10 ПМК-21ТВ сер.3 Timer box pc. 1
5.11 ТСВ36М313 Rotor slip ring pc. 1
5.12 8АТ-7420 Tail rotor slip ring pc. 1
5.13 СО-121ВМ вар. «А» Ice detector pc. 1
5.14 ТВ-19Т Air thermometer set 1
6. Electrical equipment components and switching devices
6.1 ГТ40ПЧ8В AC Generator pc. 2
6.2 РМ-355Г Shock mount pc. 2
6.3 БРН120Т5А-3С Voltage regulator unit pc. 2
6.4 БЗУНП355Г Protection and control unit pc. 2
6.5 БТТ40БТ Current transformer unit pc. 2
6.6 БЧФ-208 Phase-sequence unit pc. 1
6.7 ТС310С04Б Transformer pc. 2
6.8 ТР-115/36 Step-down transformer pc. 2
6.9 ПТС-800БМ 3-phase static invertor pc. 1
6.10 СПО-9 Static inverter pc. 1
6.11 АПШ-3М Bus selector switch pc. 2
6.12 БСГО-400А Warning unit pc. 1
6.13 ВУ-6Б Rectifier set 2
6.14 ДМР-200ВУ Integrated device pc. 2
6.15 АПД-78А Auto unit for engine start pc. 1
6.16 20НКБН-25-ТД-У3 Storage battery pc. 2
6.17 ШРАП-500К DC external power socket pc. 1
6.18 ШРАП-400-3Ф AС external power socket pc. 1
7. Lighting equipment
7.1 СБК Cabin light pc. 1
7.2 СМ-1БМ Light pc. 1
7.3 ТР-100/2 Variable transformer pc. 2
7.4 САС-4-9 Warning and caution system set 1
7.5 П-39 Dome light pc. 5
7.6 ФР-100 Floodlight pc. 1
7.7 БАНО-64 Forward navigation light pc. 2
7.8 ХС-62 Tail light pc. 1
7.9 ФПП-7М Search and landing floodlight pc. 2
7.10 МСЛ-3-2с Beacon alarm lamp pc. 2
7.11 ОПС-57 Formation lights pc. 3
7.12 ТН-115-7,5 Transformer pc. 1
7.13 С-1 Warning horn pc. 1
7.14 7-К-991 (ЭКСР-46) Cartridge pc. 2
7.15 7-П-662К Flare control unit pc. 2
8. Engines and gearboxes monitoring equipment
8.1 УИ1-3К Indicator pc. 1
8.2 ИД-3 Induction pressure pc. 1
8.3 ИТЭ-1 Tachometer set 2
8.4 Д-1М У2 Transmitter pc. 2
8.5 ИП-21-15 Moving element positon indicator pc. 1



8.6 ДС-11 Selsyn transmitter pc. 1
8.7 РТ-12-6  сер.2 Temperature control pc. 2
8.8 П-77 вар.2 Temperature sensor pc. 2
8.9 ИКД27Да-220-780 Pressure indicator set pc. 2
8.10 ИР-117М EPR indicator set 1
8.11 ИТЭ-2 Tachometer set 2
8.12 Д-2М У2 Transmitter pc. 2
8.13 2ИА-6 Exhaust gas temperature indicating system set 1
8.14 ИВ-500Е сер.2 Vibration indicating system set 1
8.15 УИ3-3К Indicator pc. 2
8.16 ИМД-8 Flux gate detector pc. 2
8.17 П-1 Oil temperature sensor pc. 3
8.18 УИ3-6К Indicator pc. 1
8.19 ИД-8 Flux gate detector pc. 1
8.20 ТУЭ-48 Multi-purpose electrical resistance thermometer pc. 1
9. Fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems monitoring equipment
9.1 СКЭС-2027И вар.1 Aviation electrical kerosene meter set 1
9.2 СД-29А Pressure switch pc. 3
9.3 МСТ-25А Pressure switch pc. 1
9.4 МСТ-30А Pressure switch pc. 1
9.5 МВУ-100К Pressure gauge pc. 1
9.6 МА-60 Pressure gauge pc. 1
9.7 ВФ-0,4-150 Voltmeter pc. 1
9.8 В-1 Voltmeter pc. 1
9.9 А-2 Ammeter pc. 3
9.10 АФ1-150 Ammeter pc. 4
9.11 ТФ1-75.150/1А Transformer pc. 3
9.12 ТФ1-25.50.100/1А Transformer pc. 4
9.13 УИ1-100К Indicator pc. 2
9.14 ИД-100 Induction pressure transmitter pc. 2
10. Flight and navigation equipment
10.1 АП-34Б сер.2 Autopilot set 1
10.2 6С2.553.002 Force-balance transducer pc. 1
10.3 БФ-34 партия А Filter block pc. 1
10.4 БС-34-01 Coupling unit pc. 1
10.5 ТВ-45K Thermometer pc. 1
10.6 КЗСП IAS controller pc. 1
10.7 БСГ Operational status signal unit pc. 1
10.8 АГБ-96Д Gyro horizon pc. 2
10.9 АГБ-96Р Gyro horizon pc. 1
10.10 ГМК-1ГЭ Compass system set 1
10.11 КИ-13К Magnet compass pc. 1
10.12 БКК-18 Attitude monitor pc. 1
10.13 СНП-1 Power fail indicator pc. 1
10.14 ВК-53Э-РВ Erecting cut-out switch pc. 1
10.15 ВД-10ВК 2 сер. Altimeter pc. 2
10.16 УС-450К 2 сер. Airspeed indicator pc. 2
10.17 ВАР-30МК сер.4 Rate-of-climb indicator pc. 2
10.18 ПВД-6М Pitot-static tube pc. 2
10.19 623700-3 Static pressure selector pc. 1
10.20 АЧС-1МК Airborne clock pc. 1
11. Monitoring equipment and FDR
11.1 БУР-1-2 сер.2 Flight data recorder set 1
11.2 М11А Module pc. 2
11.3 МП-95+/-1,5 Acceleration sensor pc. 1
11.4 МП-95+3-1 Acceleration sensor pc. 1
11.5 МУ-615А сер.1 Angular displacement transmitter pc. 8
11.6 ДВ-15МВ сер.2 Altitude transmitter pc. 1
11.7 ДПСМ-1 Indicated air speed sensor pc. 1



11.8 МСТВ-2,5С Pressure switch heat resistant and vibration proof pc. 1
12. Helicopter pilotage equipment
12.1 АРК-15М Automatic direction finder pc. 1
12.2 А-037 исп.4 Radio altimeter set 1
13. Radio communication equipment
13.1 ПРИМА-КВ Radio set set 1
13.2 Прима-ДМВ-1 Radio set set 1
13.2 СПУ-7 лит.119 Interphone system set 1
13.3 АЛМАЗ-УПМ Voice warning/reporting system set 1
13.4 ГСШ-А-18 Headsets set 3
13.5 П-507М Cockpit voice recorder pc. 1












1. Airframe
1.1 171М.0200.0000.000 Modified nose section “Dolphin nose” pc. 1
1.2 8АП-0385-1900 Rectangular windows in the passenger cabin with double-layer glass set 1
1.3 8АП-0338-00 Side door-step set 1
1.4 8АП-0720-1000-


Passenger rear doors with emergency hatch and door-step set 1
1.5 8АМТ-7502-00ПЧ Flight engineer seatbelt with inertia reel pc. 1
1.6 8АМТ.0385.1000 Enlarged emergency hatches with double-layer glass at frame 11-12 left and right side pc. 2
1.7 Small right front (frame 3-4) emergency hatch with double-layer glass pc.  


2. Power plant and transmission
2.1 SAFIR 5K/G MI Auxiliary Power Unit set 1
3. Fuel and Oil systems
3.1 549-6102-400 Left main fuel tank of increased capacity pc. 1
3.2 549-6102-500 Left main fuel tank of increased capacity pc. 1
4. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
4.1 803-7655-20-902/903 Air conditioning system for passenger cabin set 1
4. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
5.1 КО-50 Kerosene heater (upper location) pc. 1
5. Flight and navigation equipment
6.1 КI 204 VOR/LOC/Glideslope indicator pc. 1
6.2 ПНП-72-14 Horizontal situation indicator pc. 2
6.3 КN53 Navigation system pc. 1
6.4 КN63 Distance measuring equipment with KDI-572 indicator pc. 1
6.5 КТ 76С ATC transponder pc. 1
6.6 5035Р2-Р42 Р.143Н Coding altimeter
6.7 8А-813Ц сер.4 Weather radar set 1
6.8 БМС-индикатор GPS/GLONASS multi-functional system pc. 2
6.9 СРПБЗ (ВНИИРА НАВИГАТОР) Ground proximity warning system consisting of: unit

СРПБЗ РШПИ.461435.004-03, control panel

СРПБЗ НГТК.465644.003, air data display unit AD32.32.53F.28.1ВР, temperature probe Callsman р/n 50541009

к-т 1
6. Radio communication equipment and intercom system



7.1 АРМ-406Н1 Emergency beacon шт 1
7.2 ПАРМ-406А Emergency locator transmitter шт 1
7.3 6201-9 Transponder set 1
7.4 Прима-МВ VHF radio (stand by) set 1
8. Оther equipment
8.1 СГУ-15 Intercommunication loudspeaker system pc. 1
8.2 Improved heat and sound proofing set 1
8.3 171.7209.810 External emergency lighting set 1
8.4 Passenger cabin manufactured by LLC AirTaxi- Service for transportation of 12 passengers as per approved interior design and configuration, and in compliance with requirements of Decision No.АМТ-04- 2011.  





Annex 1: Photos of the Mi-8AMT helicopter in a similar configuration

mi-8 amt VIP 2016

Figure 1. Helicopter overview


mi-8 amt inside

Figure 2. Crew cockpit

mi-8 amt

Figure 3. Enhanced comfort chairs (looking aft)

mi-8 amt

Figure 4. Enhanced comfort chairs (looking forward)

mi-8 amt

Figure 5. Twin passenger seats (looking forward)

mi-8 amt VIP 2016 Twin passengers seats

Figure 6. Twin passengers seats

mi-8 amt VIP 2016 Lavatory

Figure 7. Lavatory

mi-8 amt Wardrobe with weapons safe

Figure 8. Wardrobe with weapons safe? Galley

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